Natural Home Remedies for every dog

Natural Home Remedies for Your Dog

Dog natural home remedies

Take Care of your best friend

When you are feeling down the weather you can find the perfect treatment in your kitchen. Did you know that you can treat your dog in the same way? Dog natural home remedies can help you a lot – you can treat allergies, ailments and other canine annoyances too.

I give you some natural remedies for your dog so your friend will be happy again.

  • Treat Dry Skin with Vitamin E

Your dog has a dry skin? You don’t know how to treat it? Vitamin E is great for your skin and it’s also good for your dog’s dry skin.  You can give your friend a good massage  by applying vitamin E oil directly to the skin, or a bath with vitamin E added in the water or you can give your dog a pill of vitamin E. if you choose the last way, ask your vet what is recommended dose for your dog breed.

  • Rehydration Liquids for Diarrhea and Vomiting

Sports waters or baby drinks for replacing electrolyts, not only helps athletes or children to rehydrate after efforts or illness, they can also supply your sick friend after loosing  fluids  after diarrhea or vomiting.

Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian about dosage and types of liquids for your dog.

  • Dog natural home remediesYogurt and Acidophilus for Dogs

Plain yogurt is a healthy meal for your dog because of the live acidophilus that keeps the good bacteria in balance  in dog’s intestines. If you have the dog on antibiotic treatment give him a little yougurt to keep yeast infections at bay.

You can give also pills of acidophilus and you can wrap them in bacon if you want.

Puppies are more prone to yeast infections so you can give it a little yougurt as a snack or as a dessert to keep bacterias in balance.

  • Chamomile Tea for Dogs

Chamomile tea works like a natural desinfecting because of disinfecting effects of the chamomile plant an settles upset doggy tummies. It is good to treat colic, gas and also anxiety. It also helps with minor skin irritations.

Chill it in the fridge and then spray on the affected area of the skin. Your dog should feel a soothing effect because the tea kills yeast and/or bacteria on the skin.

Warm bags of tea can be used for infected or irritated eyes.

  • Treat Skin Allergies in Dogs with Oatmeal

If you have an itchy dog and it goes around scratching on furniture don’t be mad. It may have an allergie and can’t help but to scratch. Use baby oatmeal cereal or grind some oatmeal in a food processor.

Stir it into a warm water bath and let the dog soak in the healing mix. Dogs with ckin akergies, or infection and other conditions that causes itchiness have been shown to gain relief with this kind of bath.

  • Use Epsom Salt Bath for Dogs’ Wounds

Dogs are like kids sometimes and they get hurt and suffer from wounds and unexplained swelling. Try treat those wounds with Epsom salt soaks and even heat packs. A warm bath with Epsom salt can help reduce the swelling and also the healing time, especially when you give your dog prescribed antibiotics too.Natural Home Remedies for every dog

Pay attention at your dog, not to ingest Epsom salt because it can be very harmful.

And don’t give him Epsom salt bath if your dog has open wounds.

If you don’t have time to take him  an Epsom salt bath twice a day, have a homemade heat pack using a clean towel dranched in Epsom salt warm water solution and apply it to the wounds. It will have same effect.

  • Flea Homemade Remedies

Your dog has fleas?  Don’t fear. Try some borax powder, it will work wonders on fleas, by pocking holes in their exoskeletons. A good way to make sure that you have anihilated those parasits is to sprinkle borax on the floor and then sweep or vacuum the excess.

Invisible corax crystals will kill fleas and you don’t have to worry anymore. It is inexpensive and non-toxic compared with the exterminator. Make sure that your dog doesn’t ingest borax.

You can use also a solution of lemon with water in order to repel fleas and relieve allergies. Fleas are repelled by citrus and the dog will smell clean and refreshing too. You can obtain the lemon solution, by pouring boiled water over lemons and let them over the night. Use a spray bottle to apply allover your dog. If you need some quality and genuine pet supplies try to make a good products research online.

Dog natural home remedies are very good for your dog and very easy to use. It’s important to take care of your friend every day, take him to the vet or use natural and eco-friendly pet products to treat him.

Not in the end, like always, we want to say that it is very important to take care of your best friend, please check more information at

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