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It is very important for a well-behaved puppy to have  the right toys. You can buy a lot of dog toys these days, and it is easy to  be sucked in to buying the “cute,” the “inexpensive,” or even the “most expensive” (thinking it must be the best) or a toy simply because it has the word “Puppy” in the name or because you think is cute.

It is important to know that there are some things you should be thinking about before buying any toy for your puppy.

I give you some tips about how to pick the toys for your puppy that will save you money both for toys and for vet bills.

First of all, asses your dog’s chewing and playing habits

One of the most important things to think about when you want a puppy toy  is your dog’s personality. How they interact with their toys in very important, for you to know, for two reasons:

  1. You want to buy a toy that  they will actually play with (otherwise it’s a waste of money)
  2. You want to buy a toy that they will not destroy in two seconds (waste of money and a possible hazard for your dog)

So, watch your puppy when it  plays and take notes of the following behaviors:best dog puppies online

It likes to destroy a toy – usually it  tears out stuffing and it’s looking for that squeaker to “kill it”.

For this kind of  puppy, stuffed toys are probably not a great idea, because they are going to destroy them in a minute and they can ingest the pieces – especially if you aren’t home to watch them. Instead of stuffed toys, you can choose toys that are made to be ripped apart or  have things pulled out over and over again. Also, there are  more durable toys, like those made of rubber or canvas, which may be better choices for your dog. Some good suppliers have some great deals related to this niche, find some of them at 2D LOGISTIC.

It likes toys that move – balls that roll, things they can fetch, etc.

These kind of puppies may not be as interested in stuffies. Instead, opt for balls (rubber is better than a tennis ball, which can wear down their teeth!), rubber Frisbees (easier on the mouth than hard plastic), or any toy that rolls and can be chewed, etc.

It likes soft toys to “cuddle” all day long– use as pillows, carry in mouth but not chew. Some top-rated items can be found at

These dogs  will do fine with cute stuffies! You may want to avoid hard toys, balls, etc., because they won’t be as interested in them, but a good stuffed toy will be perfect for your puppy. So, try to find all the time the best interactive dog toys, read more and learn the latest techniques in order to enjoy every moment with your friend.


It likes to chew on toys endlessly – doesn’t try to rip them apart, but eventually will be destroyed just by chewing.

You have to make sure that you avoid anything that cannot withstand chewing. Instead of stuffed animals, opt for rubber or rope toys that are made especially for chewing. Anyway, you have to keep an eye on your puppy and take the toy away if it starts to rip it apart – small pieces can be swallowed by your puupies supplies online

You have next to  cross-reference the type of toy they like with their play habits above to narrow the field even more:

  • Likes toys with a squeaker
  • Likes quiet toys (some puppies are scared of that squeak!)
  • Likes toys with texture for teething gums
  • Likes toys that “crinkle”

Paying attention to this will help you narrow your search considerably and will be easier to find a toy that they will love.

Second, think about size of the puppy

Make sure that you know your puppy’s size. This includes their actual size, but the most important, the size of their mouth. Many toys have on the label “puppy” because they are smaller. This may be just what you need if your puppy is a Chihuahua or even a Frenchie because of their size.

However, these kind of toys are completely inappropriate for a Great Dane puppy that could swallow those toys whole.

The most important thing about size: DO NOT BUY ANY TOY THAT CAN FIT ENTIRELY IN YOUR PUPPY’s MOUTH, because it might be a choking hazard.

Remember, puppies tend to try to swallow things more than adult dogs do, exactly as the little children do. So while an adult dog may be perfectly safe with smaller toys, don’t trust that puppy just yet and don’t buy toys that are too small.

Very important: remember to take away toys if parts have broken off and they are now small enough to swallow.

Third, think about strength of the puppy

Another reason for  a toy to be labeled “puppy” is because it’s softer on those young jaws and teeth than other toys. Again, this may be perfect for some pups, but for others it can spell trouble, so keep in mind what kind of puppy you have.

Make sure that  you are buying a dog toy that can withstand your dog’s strength and rough play. For some dogs, that means you buy toys geared toward “adults” or “heavy chewers.” For others, that puppy toy may be just fine and will make the puppy very happy. Some awesome items can be discovered at Bazaar Gadgets.

You are not sure?

If you aren’t sure I always choose the “better safe than sorry” rule. I choose the stronger and more durable toy first and then see how it goes. Maybe ,sometimes, I bring home a softer toy for when me  and my puppy play together – so he only has it when I can observe him to see if it’s an appropriate toy for him.

In the end, it’s all about safety. After that, it’s about buying toys your puppy will like and engage with to keep them busy and help develop a bond with you through play.

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